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I tempt upon impulse Push, point-to-point As putrid A meat, sinew of modern times Polluted Inamorata A value, zero Nondescript Like weathered stone drying, wearing to none obscure A needle, Softer than air In the morning Limbo Placing my stone … Continue reading

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The Muse of the Wanderers (for those displaced by greed)

Showered, wet Rainstorms and lies A continent with dead eyes Falling to depths that we never knew An empty Ice-Hail Thors Day Morn Solitude of Humans; the mind oddity The ring that was never accepted Nightbirds, gentle, those only to … Continue reading

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Protoform Futures

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A Draft of my current ideas

Ashes cover the rain With Corpses more dust Do wordlessly sleep Ashes cover the man Played off by a distant drum A look outside to dream Introspective, awakening A lighting strike, a drop of dew Still Whence we come Fore … Continue reading

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Haiku Flow May 2014

A falling raindrop You were standing to the wind The song of the woods Meadowlark at dawn It is shifting with it’s place The sound of the earth Sleeping blue heron I am whispering with the tide The whispers of … Continue reading

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The raindrop tears from the weathered face Pull apart it surely miss A liars brevity bears no bounds A missed touch A fading smile Of her Noir his Blonde sweetness Ache for the moment we are… May 14 2014

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