Diminished Days Pass

Why do I diminish?
when cage is violence,
when chain is broken,
This poem shatters.

Scream finds forgotten poems.
I sleep.
Bloodbaths drift away.

Why do I die?
when cage is hatred,
when razor, an edge is tormented,
It perishes.

Grave curses hateful chains.
I seep.
Caskets shatter.

the innocents drown in a foul shadow.

We perish.
We dissolve.
We shatter.

Some hate heartless death.
We drown in modern emptying days.
Torment screams of them.

Why do I shatter?
when the bloodbath is torment,
when a murder is inexorable,
wounds pay screams.

Thus ruins spoiled screams.
I sleep.
Razors decay.

On each passing day…

Ian V. Seymour
May 9 2014

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