The 8 Parts of the Metaphysical Firmament



And God said,

Let there be the lights in the firmament of the Celestial singularity.


Let there be lights in heaven to divide;

This the Morn and inward the light

And let them be for signs,

For seasons and for days, and years;

Lights in the firmament to give light upon the earth.


And it was so, and God made two great lights;

The greater light to rule the day,

And the lesser light to rule the night; the stars as well.

And God set them in the firmament to give light upon the earth,


And to rule over the day and over the night

And to divide the darkness from the light.


Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters


And God said,

Let the waters bring forth, abundantly, the moving creature that hath life,

And foul that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven.

…Or so do some people believe.




“”The Luminaries””


The sun is a luminary whose egress

Is an opening of the infinite sky

Which is found on the west, unto the east lies its ingress


The sun is rising through six openings

And there are six through with it sets.

The moon is thus

And all the stars, they guide their way.


First there goes out the greatest light whose name is the sun.

It’s round just like the roundness of the sky; filled with light.


The chariot in which it rises is driven by the blowing wind.

The great light sets in the west and returns by the Northeast.


In order to go to the east, it is guided so that it shall reach the eastern gate and shine in the black face of the sky.




“”Catharsis of Heliocentricity””


I can tell you what I’ve seen

We can no longer believe

I can’t tell you how I feel

We do no longer believe


There’s no ambiguity:

But no one will believe:

It’s like nothing

Like nothing I’ve seen, we’ve known was for real


It is all real…

I no longer believe

We raised my eyes up high toward the night sky

I’ve been searching for the eyes divine

But found the timesmith was really and truly blind




“”Metaphysics Of The Executor””


On their long journey that leads them toward the light;

They are trying so hard to believe that two and two makes five.


Reason won’t concuss the irrevocable truth

Keep the “faith” then destroy the proof


To protect ourselves from the superstitions of priests and moralists

Let us be done with the idea of moral law:


Where do your values come from?

From inside yourself?

Or from some self-appointed moral cognoscente

Who shrouded their own ideas as empirical concepts?




“”Catharsis Of A Heathen””


I refuse to shroud my past

The walls in there allow no rest

Tomorrow morning shall I be dead?

This place will burn before the sun will drown in the ocean


And nothing yet shall ever be the same again


Yes, place unto me the test

Or you can cut my tongue at last

Ideas shall wander through my head

What if all that we never said were true?

And if everything that is happening were due?




“”Gorged By The Earth””


Tonight the earth placed asunder beneath, up and swallowed all beauty

Those don’t mean anything to me or to you.


Nor to anyone who shalt feel

Of cold wind blowing from the seas of time

And dead auburn leaves falling from the trees

Whirling through the air, as a butterfly effect

Like rotten vessels on their way unto the ground


Warm rain kept pouring down

And all the clouds stared down

Upon the people seeking shelter

Of they being another “you”


They are afraid of being torn far away

To places they feel they don’t belong

But deep they feel that; maybe any place,

No matter how far away,

Would now be better than home.


Yet none realised the Gods in Heaven

And no one expected the water

That now reached up to their throats


Swallowed by the earth, encompassed by the singular

They disappear, no matter whom

As so shall we all




“”Epiphany of Falsehood””


I will pray to the “Son”

He was crucified for me

And I will prey to the “Father”

“You shall have no gods besides me!”

I will prey to the (Less than) Holy

And I will prey to the moon and the sun and the stars


Was or is there One God, or is there three?

A strange, false and cruel, a true wasted epiphany.




“”The Origin ””


We all come from the same seed:

The Microbe, the Tick and the human “being”

It’s misted to see how the perfection of complex organs was achieved without an engineer


But all you see is the human eye

On top of the blind mountain peaks

A steep face of rock

Impossible to climb

Our imagination is left behind the gentle slope on the backside


Our brains are functioned to the scope of a lifetime



There’s no other solution

There’s no other solution

There’s no alternative to the theory of (De)evolution




“”The Origin Of God””


A prime mover only shifts their problems

Fore If every complex structure needs an architect;

Then the architect must be even more complex than anything he created


Where is your architect?

Who made your architect?

Where does he come from?

What is he made of?



Fractals of nothing? Or of something?, of everything…


How shall your impure skin postulate your own knowledge?


Ian V. Seymour ©2014 (January 10th)

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