Lupis and the Two Thousand Year Wandering

(A Verse of 8 Parts)

““The Wolf & The Fear””

Amongst men words went
Of the Full Moon’s woe.

When a dirge did rise to Her sky lit eye
From the lone winter’s cold
They feared that the wolf was nigh

Nights did pass when men claimed and saw
In Luna light that he splits
The shadow of a force unknown
Howling at its God in splendored infernally

This Lupic Herald, he hunted the land
And many a man disappeared
Where She shines, he binds; the Wolf of Mans warped Hell
He kills over the rumbling Abyss

The Curse is certain

The Beast below bestowed on him a gift
And by Magic he to wolf was bound
No more was he a slave to God
At midnight treading on hollow grave


““The Manmade Dæmon””

The images of Wolf once served
The Pride of Witch and Imagined Devil –
Witnessed a dark, yet mightier Faith of the Invaders –
With boundaries wide as the ancient peace world they laid waste

The cruel man did create
What to their erne Celestial is – And so he is
Now a man in Wolf-skin clad
To his hands, the Wind is Servant
And Eternities – his enigmatic Spirit

Around him a Majesty
Like Pan; his Crown of old
He hungers through Eternities –
Immersed in Theocratic Tragedies dark and cold
Through Day and Night he moves
In an eternally wearied chase

…And this Solitude so great and sad
Will Vengeance seek for Love long lost
Lost through Hatred…


““The Hatred of the Ulver””

O’ Wanderer in this infernal Night
Believe not his Hate will spare thee
His prey shall be no one but the pious
Who shall break when he is near; in foolish hope for shelter?

Those whose blood strong visceral shall be Soul,
This his sacred Trophies
In broken vein he lets thee shed
Christendom blooded in this Sea of their selfish Pain

Coldly the blood shall flow
As streams through Graves below

Their “God” is not here, so death draws near
And seconds are Oh few, so few
In a Nature twofold they shine
Beginning and End combine

Fools, thou art prostrate
By the raging eye of his, lifted upwards
Rapt in Moonshine
““The Wolf & The Man””

The spell did break and gave release to the pack
To hours amongst Mankind
But then, as now, the stray
Of living, breathing, yea every move, A burden approaching pain

Disheartened he was
As he wander’s with men
On the surface of life – no change
No change as the Beast within

They fear him
A power pure, nature unveiled
Perception; sans delusion
He amongst them walks unseen
Like a tint if Twilight; They the breath of Night

No voice of False God did tell
Man what He did hide
Werewolf & Phantom, Daemon & Beast –
Mere names given to what they feared

But he – In his heart: An abyss unfathomable
As the blackened sea In which craves its deeps

There, there the animal shadow crawls
Over the wintry soil
All Hope, Joy & Life he slays
In the Moon, rising anew,
Bids him welcome from a waning sky

… And by the sounding
Of his midnight psalm
Feared shall be he; harvest again
From the weakened, Pious hearts of men.
““The Moon””

Possessively She upon him shone
Adorned with dimmed, dying stars
This song of Passion
Reminding of the Bond
Between him and the Night
As they melt into one

When dawn draws near
And the Sun ascends
Like a flame; bright & pure
From the bonfires of heretics

Grant him thus Light anew,
So that he shall regain
Through infinite
In cold, inconceivable Majesty



On he hunts with sorrow none
For what hath passed is gone
His sole regret the absence
Until he saw pity in her eye
Where all the light did shine
And soon all joy should die
Her glazed eye did wander
Left alone & lost

From her eye he retreats
Clad mournfully
He takes her heart in his
But dark & dead is her light
Evil took her fire’s breath
Her embers were by him devoured
And inside of him a fire builds
Of Hate & Love & Hope so sad

The Moon comes forth
Born anew above her Soul –
Stolen here by the dark,
Binding of old

And air to my Soul, now dying;
Leave me not, a shadow,
Before I give myself away
To these long denied desires,
The gift, long awaited to my dying heart.



No more he wore his costume
Red as blood & wine
For blooded was on his hands
As he stood by her bed and corpse
When the two of them were found…


“”The Night””

Had Love, this Religion of Cruciform hate fettered this force of free?

What he leaves dead, he forgets
No memories arise from the grave,
No anger glides through the night of Souls

With humble tears she flatter’s
The Divinities she’s hated and feared

Her lamb-like nature, the following of Masculine Lupin
Left him not untouched
By false Magic she was bound
To the Beast within him

These Souls, those of the false twain
Enforced one’s end

Pain anew from woe of ode to millennial lies
A Tragedy of endless days

Insatiable, the thirst
Inconceivable, the lust

The blame of the Nord decimation
Of those lies of the Death Cult

Wild & mad he hunts
In anguish black at heart

The winter’s cold, the bite sets in
Sooner fulfilled
– And his yearning
Towards a winter’s night

Wandering alone,
The Wolf…



Ian V. Seymour ©2014 (January 9th)

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