Shade of Futures

The heart never wanted to leave

The silence was gold for our soul

Heading back home, I return
To the world that I decide to leave

Existence is a waste of time
Should it be ended
But something won’t let me go

I’m back, everything looks the same
All these people; yet still alone
Soon to arrive at the place where my fear was born
Torn asunder
They; can they be forgiven, forgotten, wiped
One part us secretly always cries
So long ago
A heart, it was…
So long ago
A soul, it was…
So long ago
Was paid with hell in return

We are made what we are here today
All the sadness forth brought to the soul
Is something I’ll never find ways to defy
If you could see internal done
Maybe it would understand
The love you never gave me
Would have made the strength inside
We are back where the darkness began
All is empty, not a soul around
Where are they now?
Where did all of you go?

Nothing is left
Was it even there?
Nothing is left from before
It seems like a lifetime has passed here
While I was gone


Ian V. Seymour ©2014 (January 4th)

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