Before the Snow

T’was all new
Ice-bound the heart,
I can not hear the birds singing,
Dressed in silver forest.

Under a leaden sky calm,
Infinity vicious circle.
Snowflakes fly
The kingdom of cold lead for themselves.

Cold wind and gnashing of forests,
Not a soul, but I’m here alone.
Among the dead icy rocks
Echoed grief and sorrow.

Wind song has tightened its…
Among the branches and cold stones.
Sleeps whole life to spring,
Before dawn, the darkness that will take.

Chill again fills
His breathing world,
And on the glass leaves
Slight traces of frost.
Silence throughout the county,
Not buzzing swarm of bees,
Only wolves echoed blizzard
Under the North Star.

The magic of nature,
Light shone, attracting upwards.
Voice of thunderstorms and lightning flashes,
This is – life benefit.
The noise of the trees, the rustle of grass,
Dance of the birds between branches
And among flowering meadows
Heard laughter spring fairies.

The golden veil
Went down to the field.
Satiate the ears of a
He wants to give them the land.
In order scarlet forest dressed,
Ready for winter.
Crimson sunset flamed
And lost in the icy mist.

Radiance of the stars will show the way
When the dark night of darkness
When the last ray of sun
Already gone out, leaving fear.
At the foot of the ancient mountains of gray
Look the way I light the star,
At once pierced the night the ice
Holy shimmer own.

Light radiance give me a sign
Track of pearl to the clouds,
And there, at the top, dispel the darkness
Bestows the light in the last temple
Give me peace of mind,
Warmth will fill the void
Banish heart mirages
Leaving only the purity.

Behold the fate in the light of the stars,
What will dissolve all the smoke,
And marvel at the beauty,
And believe it, knowing only one.
Sometimes the stars shine only
In the cold blue of the night,
When the stars shine
Descends from the sky like a stream.

I now feel the cold heart of winter,
Letting in a breath of forests.
Go on the road dead star,
In sleep the woods seek out the right way.
Centuries-old crown of tall trees
Grant rest until blizzard coming,
I will hide under a canopy of snow
Among the lonely and cold stones

Wind will go live,
Lift up and suffer
Through the woods on snow-covered field
Where the nature of the heat will find
Snowmobiles absorb the latest highlights
The light of the moon and stars reflections
Do not see the hope in the white mist
I swallowed and crushed blizzard

Nature, trapped in a dream
Dark Night closes the field
Wore a veil of woods,
Snow covered from human fire.

The dark sky then covered the whole earth,
Moon disappeared behind a cloud,
And impenetrable; stern shadow
Night enveloped the forest.

Brightest stars in the expanse of the heavens
No, silence all around.
Go cold belay darker bird
Disappears from the cliffs of grey.

In last winter’s night
In anticipation of Spring is coming
Timid ray of sunshine
Scattered icy dreams.

Severe cold and blizzard howl,
Shroud of winter covered the hills,
Under its icy crust hides
Quiet keys light water.
All numb and wind storms,
The sky was covered with sulphur mist,
But the clouds go away and the sun peep
And the frost from the trees last subsides.

Already weakened snowstorm,
Not so rampant frost,
There was a timid voice dripping –
Harbinger stormy May thunderstorms.
Shade forest after a winter slumber
Fall to the ground of the sun rays
And light rain will run without a care,
And the young are born in a thicket streams.

Everything takes place in the circle of life,
Cold of winter is replaced by spring.
Birds chirping; disperse chilling howl of blizzard,
Will bring a world of heat fore the rain.

Through the clouds, flying for life
Eager to land a drop of rain,
In the eternal motion of black dance
Eager to fight and fight forever.
In the sacrifice of himself to bring the crow,
Thirsty beast of the forest to save.
Trying to grasp the expanse of sea,
Giving yourself to the sun after the pick.
In the smithy of the gods clouds tie
Ability to give life to them gave
His power to inhale droplets,
Let the earth and the sky have closed.

From the sky moisture flux
Descends, the ground leaving a sip
Life-giving water, forests give to drink
Nature is full of the breath of life,
In the sacrifice of himself brought the crow,
The beast of the forest saved from thirst.
Boundless expanse of the sea have taken hold upon
And after they took back the gods.

Mighty-tree essence of their chant,
Falling from the sky drops roots nourished.
Green crowns are washed
Flying up to the sky took on a life again.
Through the clouds, flying for life
Eager to land a drop of rain,
In the eternal motion of black dance
Eager to fight and fight forever.

Remember cold and darkness in deep silence,
Like a leaf from the soul shaking chills.
In my heart, howling blizzards,
Here reigns the winter only.
Fire that was burning, no longer lit,
Wedge snow flakes flying over me.
Inside I only wind and fog,
Extinguished forever gaze of the eyes.

Hundreds of sharp needles of ice
Dug into the soul of cold, without a trace
The joy of life and bright smiles.
I can not breathe in the mist.
A cold night is not her kill my pain,
Snowstorm in the morning led not corpse swept.
Only a death cry echoes sets.
No one will remember me.

Vegard M. Vindheim ©2013

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