Marder’s Crypt

Darkness out of the folk’s eyes spreads across dense forest; unto fields
The shadows of the night raises the wolfs howls and primal forces
The ice spreads over fjords
Snow buries the final Autumn forest moss and green delightfullness
A humming tune echoes from Summer’s crypt
A wicked and illusionary gift rejuvenates
A gift of mystique, a new world I see
The time of the white wolf dawns
Vengeful, from it’s grave of darkness they cometh
The gift from the Winter airs
From it’s grave of eternal frost they come with a secret so rare
To feel it’s force, I see it’s chosen gift
I hear it’s tune call, I see it’s gift
Vengeful, out of the White wolf’s crypt
Evil fills me with darkness, darkness unites with my Summer light soul.

Vegard Vindheim ©July 2013

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