Fractured Psyche

Dissonant voice
Echo; reverb
Swelling sleep death
Disappointing the outer scream
Wake I scream inside
Sleep I scream inside
Disorder, language of insanity
I walk yet never arrive
I never heard God
But who would want to?
Alone within the mental cage
Drop away from reality
As I walk through this park
Are the voices here?
Wish to end, I have no power
A book with a torn cover
There was never the child who cried
He; stillborn
Diaspora of the self
The ego killing
Where do I call?
Where to understand?
Introspectively looking back
Walk forth
As the Account
The means to an end
Is this life?, or Death?
Or the nothing in the mental limbo?
Who is this failure I see??…

VMV June 2013

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