Untitled 4/4/13

Life is going forth
Death is returning home
What shall I liken the world?
Spotless meaning
Dejected upon others whims

Stepping within darkness onto light
Soundless and unheard
Empty in its substance
Here, but truly wherein

I wish this life to be in its final throes
Sapping of its last
Where did I drop?

To walk the endless corridors of hell
Chained in the asylum of damnation
My grief within the unclean
A spiral of disintegrated lies and unwashed flesh

From behind,
This wall of sleep
A nameless journey in a dreamscape
Within this second world

The light hath not shone
Slip toward shadows
Echoing through internal catacombs


Scattered pieces lay
These pour from me
This, suffering brought wisdom
To learn from what kills you
Deepest, darkest lasting dose

The lies whereupon you lay
Bring forth unto me
Arid locus thrives
To this Smoked northern light
Under a snow coated skin-like sky

That snow; hence hard rain falls
I could not find a solace
Uncoordinated pressure gathers
Gloom, slumber

Adieu au Soleil
A disincarnation truthfully
Amethyst eve, puncture blue morn
To come?
To hear the song of a Ghost between the strings

Truth, tension
Ages, aeons such
As being calmed glacial march
As an unremembered ritual
Resolution of a frigid elevation to planes beyond

Machine Howl
These worthless carbon life forms
Of doubts even here
It brings a silent ruin
Chaos embers of stillness

Unitive knowledge of the singularity
Of false Godheads
Of pointless pilgrimages
The prayer of practice is Death

This all is not mine
Depart this crystal sphere
The pale blue dot
Towards the infinite motion
Approach the heliopause

Past dust, past limbo
To open clusters
The ocean of forever
To the Devine sunrise

Nothing is…
Nothing is not…
Nothing becomes…
Nothing never was…

VMV 2013

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