Anger Falls

An Elegy of a descending icon
The fifth place in nature
Anger in subsiding in its one crystallised hatred
A prophetess stroking the early wake
Where, very whence you roam
I feel this murmuring Heart
Beat, skip, deconstruct my thoughts
I stare at the gloom in candle illumination
Curtains drawn, naked, drugged
With a tear in the fence, a tear in my duct
Travel westward, for nothing
I feel; I lose the gambit of father time
Playing me as Fischer or Kasparov
A malfunction in my genus
These self contained impulses misfire, lose
Lead misanthrope, hater of all
Slumber unattainable through malice, a subconscious mark
To truly live for this future goal
This shallow want
Feeling of destructive will
The sides
Whence of this mountain are the only life worth sustaining
Once within this nightmare
This line driven, crossed in the sand
Lying on the wayside of many roads walked in tears
The end complete.

Vegard M. Vindheim ©2013

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