Existential Streams of Nihility

When a stream is clay
When the stream flows
My prism sought
A Zephyr forming
Reverence of solemnity

Solar transit catching, deserting
Thaw, as slowing
A dying circle in a poisonous sky
The earth gives its mercy
Its cold fields of memories
Was it cold?

Cold, Staring through, through
Those empty eyes of light
Spinning; Thunderous Vortices

Reaming great tunnels in the sky
Motionless, in impure white of labyrinthine proportions
Dimensional and monolithic
Rime of the stratum, search

A riddle of the dissipating cirrus
A withering picture of dreamlessness; vividly
This Immanence; forgoes Transcendence

Haunted, problematic
The dissonance of the real
Of self
Of Vertigo of weak affirmation
Notions and molecules
This ongoing riddle of cirrus
This ethos of sightless wonderment
Ever passing those cold fields

Toward; forth onward unto the arms
The meta of the stirring self
Neutrons, neutrino passing
Still; not still
This of this talked stirring self
The answer to the questionless being

Within a wordless room
Mind, void and groundless; as insubstantial as empty space
A spectrum of something
Of the empty nothing
Heat dissipates; eternal frost

Onward to the void
On the empty, dying stars
This Funerary infinity
Introspection, catharsis
This black, of every single voice
Searching in the well of the void
Of the last cutting gravity

Tearing apart, the velocity
The last billions; implode
Force, vortex
Whence no light lives, escapes
Violence, brutally final
Times blot of a wake

Into; unto the crippled memoria
The clay stream in sleepless black
The mocking of infinities end
Solum, bitter, defiled
Never was, or should be

The well of this stream, it is no darker depths and mystique
Is not foreseeing, past or continuation
But a living Stream.

VMV 2012

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