Socially networking
A Face; A book, a nothing
A bane upon the nigger world
Breaking upon the tardy mind
I forward toward the hell
Your safety Jew slime
A reality provided by my ethanol buddy
I wish to fuck, I drain
Sliding with these track suit drains
I want this reality
My alcohol friend
My work failed, my son sobs in amniotic
Wife?, disappoint
I’m gay as so they say
I fucked, my semen strength undenied
Where is the food, my heart clogs
This social fire, you tweet your crap
A book without face, just a kike
A track to nowhere, a red hat smile
I wish the dragon, as I wear the single glove
Alcohol my only sense
This; this is my final release
My Deutsch alprazolam joy
They still hate me
I find anger majesty, I end, snob
You fucking cunts I just wish to die,
Where is my family, a sack of cunts
This is a point with no point
I wish alcohol calm, this is me
All I know tonight I ever could be
This poem is the only me
She, the control, hurts the unknown of me,
I feel trapped
The seven will be, can only be the guard
An intrinsic continue of a human, ourself; suffering

IVS ©2012

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