Cry for the Time

Cry for the time
Accursed light
Never to find my way
Gathered, ensorcelled by inverse chaos

Cannot put me in your eyes
Twist, flagellation
Nirvana, peace
A flashing light

Dirty, made well
Out of range, reach
In my eyes, mind I’m not crazy

Your eyes change you
Haven’t earned anything from it
Dispel searchers
Black is really black?

Take it back, trade your fibres of you
Strode through cemetery rows
Mono Stones without sorrow
This failing fall to winter back to fall

Deadly impulse pulling at the throat
Pull the pin, reckless
A tattered map I hold, cannot read the signs

From the name that can be spoken is not the eternal Name
A rime forms above, chilling fog
A mote, a place

The eyes, changed ourselves
The thought, bought ourselves
Wise soul, heart, mind
Speak to finally in silence

Close your eyes, and fail to wish it all into place
Hooked into a deceiver, need
More and more
Feel safe in danger
Feel happy in the bad

This scent smelled like no other
I feel not like them
Maybe just happy
Skin the sun, burn silver

Still Buried up to my neck in other contrary hesitation
I’ve been here before, out of the sky, a chased dragon
Weather, seasons that changed moods

Underneath this bridge
All struggle for feeling
A semblance of a darkens nightmare
There’s a sign, carved deep
Never in a lown lifetime, a blain on spirits

You, of all want, demand reward for where you lay
Still never tell
On the road, still the same
Just.., just the seasons change

This music takes me finally away
I am blind on the plateau of the mirrors
I truly see the self.

Ian V. Seymour 2012

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