A Reverie to a Searching Future

Believe in nothing
To look at me now
A mixed failure
They sell it to the world
Watch the tides turning

The world pretending
Search an elusive cure
Hand of reason
I see your face

Paradise found, lost
A frozen illusion
Once again a hand of reason
Once solemn
The last time

Dead emotion
Alive cutting
Forging sympathy
Only room for the one of us
Embers, of the joy of empty vessels

Prelude; a descent
Deadly, the inner senses
One second, a cold; this cold
Take, yes take me down
This from a hook that catches

I have no title for this cause
In reverie to the solemnity yearns
Between, the living; the dead
A veil of blue encapsulates

We fight, you fight this, the devil
But does he now care?
A world of no worlds, no voice
Heatstroke, heart murmur

Enclave, paranoia
We seem now stillborn
Everybody, seems to know insane

Bye… here comes the Sun
Du Haßt mich?

VMV ©2012

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