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A Reverie to a Searching Future

Believe in nothing To look at me now A mixed failure They sell it to the world Watch the tides turning The world pretending Search an elusive cure Hand of reason I see your face Control Paradise found, lost A … Continue reading

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Untitled 110812/1

An Expression of thy Loneliness Hollow of Emptiness Absurd life, gifted The memories of water Time slowing down Disappearing into… This; an endless universe The thought, has a feeling Feeling as a cut amethyst Your triumph of vanity A distinction … Continue reading

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Untitled 100812/1

For every tear For every pulse A flicker A cloud pours Covers from blistering star For breeze A stillness A sound A calm This work, a transformation Essence, a verdigris flash Nothing is not Nothing becomes Brief Never. VMV ©2012

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