The afterthought
A negative
A creep
Rip, flesh crawl

Style of the filth encrusted textile
Ripped apart photo memoria
Like fecal exquisite
A sonnet of direness

Slime, covers our minds and hearts
Wilful blue night of endless choking worry

I, we miss
This killing, a caffeine nightmare
Nerve ending tearing

I miss the hate, want love
A sexual being, veins tearing from my skin
Hate, still perfect hate, precious hate
Better than any medicine

This end, of being a loss
Missing in action
Like the page, sliced, rendered
Torn asunder
To now be the imperfection
The waste

The bird of prey we are with a shattered angel wing
We suckle from the breast of societies poisoned whore mother
Coloured, misfit like an albino Nigger

Why Fuck when you have no feeling?, to have too much feeling
My mind bleeds

Whistling piper as I pass through the city vomitorium
A glue like, piss stain eggshell blue
One persons “Art”

Wishing to be like the diseased fowls, the one legged winged vermin
Oblivious to pain, a wounded stump

To ejaculate with a caffeine rage, a nerve twitch
An endless day
Perverted my, our minds

Flailing in the endless gales
We ice over, cool, freeze
What for, them?

VMV ©2012

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