Junius Depart

This Time, a world,
I weep, through a fault
Not dwelling
Still find the unreachable

Sharpness of word, woe of betiding how I perceive
Pounding body near heat
Canine call tells I still am

But where, or whom?
Ethanol drains shot, support
But do I fit?
The damaged piece of a tapestry

Interwoven of stained threads
Washed by a lake,
Incapable of drowning
Tread the rock strewn basin

Self control, the enforced vocal chastisement
More value than a Midas trove
The cure for the self disease
Thread unravelling, wearing

I, the captor, captive of also my own

V. M. Vindheim ©2012

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2 Responses to Junius Depart

  1. This is amazing work, man! I really love it.

    Mark Blasini

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