Clean Soul

By soul consciousness
Oh, your “life” is finality
In those lies; where upon you lay
Your view, the internal Nihil
Experience the river flow; day by day
These Developments came sudden like death, not so
The truth, the beauty, can you cross your boundaries?
Meaning of the worship of active given deity
You are the root
You worship, that who despises you
Force of the soul magnet repulse
Look out from your aggressor
Your view, I am the height, the note
I see, you see this Flesh Deity
Seeping thorough the skin, a tributary of existence,
Istenfélelem, succinctly and perfect
You are the root
This moment, this date, a time
I am progress, of your regression
Eyes alight finally with a fractal philosophy; a stare unto perfect infinity.

V. M. Vindheim ©2012

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