Required Sins

The sins required
I could walk away
Two, worlds are the same

Left in in me one percent
The times I fell, I feel
Still I must not complain

And I never seen my life
Seen my head
I never speak of pain

To all I see, erased, silent
In the spine, the head
I hold on tight

The morning comes down on me
In my head, this order
I pray nightfall, rest my head

Synchronise, pray nightfall
This always
This becomes erased
Funerary without a need to mourn

Try to make things right
Try to make things work
Pray, daybreak
Pray a symbol of life

I don’t owe anything, anyone
I became, have erased
How cold are the ashes of me
Symbolic cremains in ink

No not a trace, finally erased

Vegard Magnus Vindheim ©2012

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