I’m Falling

High from here, I stand upon time,
Atop of the crown of tree lines,
Toward the fall, changing,
The dirt, the ground, root strewn end approaches.

I Fall, I Fall
I Fail, I Fail
Down, into the empty and timeless base.

From Death, unto Death
To Life, unto Life
Out of Time, to Time,
Eternity, or go unto normality?

I know I’ve bathed in the Rivers converging like Styx, oblivion
Into Dark, out of Darkness,
Across this river, which hath no source
My Time runs out, I plummet down to another place

A Cloud of silver, turning to grayest, blackened bubonic like,
I Fall, I Fail
I Fall, I Fail
Through Time, out of Time,
To Cold, out of the Cold,

Let me open this closed, apparent sealed room,
I search light, a friendly warm,
Understanding, the light gives birth to darkness,
Forget, never forgive, a pain creeping, precipice bound.

I Fall, falling, with death, why death?
Give me the solution to the riddle, the cold heart
In the dark, a friend, alone, search light and only find dark.

Let a spear pierce gods of your belief, mine will never exist
Only within me, We/I am Evil, and Virtue,
The blood of many Earths and Cowardly enemy hands,
Toward which we all plummet, fertilize the dry earth.

I Fall
We Fall.

Ian V. Seymour ©2012

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2 Responses to I’m Falling

  1. meiro says:

    So intriguing.

    All best.

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