Dragons of a Mixed Mind

An awesome presence
Of a Dragon chasing me
Deluded damaging liquid thoughts
Raining down.
Plugged in never powered
The browned foil “friend”
Molestation block
The indescriptive of eternity
The secondhand tentative love she can never give
The authority she pushes, the milder presence I take
Two cultures collide
Find the needle, the brown morphine like love
Deliberately rise.
So transform!
Relax into me, deliberately golden wine coursing
Wood, like a mitochondrial spiral, a helix as my destroyed internal self
Further a map of aeons cries beside the underworld
These artificial love brought.
We deliberately resist–I dig, scrape, claw, bleed to grasp whatever a mother-muse finds.
And this pale complexion shall never see witness.
A trigger, please bleed as I
This avalanche of the addict is too thin.
I doodle visceral child pictures upon my arm, the eternal art.
A blonde haired bitch wiping, mixing the unknown person who I am
My brown granulated friend and a flame the only solace
Genitalia tearing, knowing never only asexual moods,
who should I be?

Ian V. Seymour ©2012

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