Inner man
Straight as an arrow
Reject, defect
Defect, reject
Toward antisocial
On the Clock is slow
Distorted pictures in many rows
Their Twilight of Idolisation
Confession of their true self
Their Divided Selfsame
An attempt of Dehumanisation
A failure of them
Their ice bound nadir
A violent anguish of their failure
A state of trust I held
Buying to their Babylon of one dimension
They are of the gutter,
Decapitate the dark minstrels of mental anguish
I shall look to the stars
Take mine eyes, Open!
The lone wolf they made me,
I now reemerge
Out of the ground, into the Sky
I know who cherishes today
And holds tomorrow
They wait for a story to end…
Now it begins.

Ian V. Seymour ©2011

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