I’ve been a gambler of my warped fortunes,
Done my time in hell,
Watched the slipping sands,
Done that which has now broken,
Quenching Spirits Thirsts,
Destroy the Root of it all.

A White heat burned me,
Fitting, a convulse of psyche,
The Monster lived,
He Now shall Die.

Atonal sound of a broke life instrument, now restrung,
Break my will, Never!
Live full and stronger become, clean and the extinguishing the Ember of burnt hate of family past
I now stand as the Oak, stoic, focus.

Beauty through Order I now have given to me
This is my View of existent given,
The delicate leaf I’ve been burnt by intense suns of the past
Who traded my soul for their comforts.

I now walk down the lane of my dreams past,
Toward the closer avenues of my future.

I hold to, embrace, eternal,
My love, my Rock, my soulmate,
You who craft a forgiving heart that you hold and gift to me,
What is my name?

Ian V. Seymour ©2011

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