Transcend Ourselves

A love you take
A book opened, but left unread
Winters tale untold
A wished summer warm
But cold Autumn end
Never Spring joy and hope

The light fails to temporal movement
Planets collide to dust
Futures past
Pasts future

The warmth of a home, never gained, yet needed
My Love and life
My purpose
My thought and heart

You take this love, scarred
You take this feeling, fist
You take this want, misunderstanding me

The Cemetery gates slammed shut on us
Free to wander, but waned by eternities weight

Swaying to a symphony of strife
The hurt I give, but do not want to give
The selfish heart of confusion which beats within me
Language, I speak but never fluent to you
The lone dove of peace I release that shall die

A messenger of fear I sight of us
Deception of our hearts
My want!
My need!
Transcendent of our bodies
Only souls who need each other.

Ian V. Seymour ©2011

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