Pain and Neglect

The effect of music
Like Alice in Wonderland following the white rabbit,
Never knowing where it was going to take them,
But often it was down a deep dark hole…
Older, wiser and stronger
The thoughts of nightmares,
The inflection, the strain of vocals,
Yet others misunderstood,
Yet Hubris, talking from experience,
Talking of culture,
Humanity, humility less to accuse
And to claim superiority,
For what?
No perfuse need other than oneupmanship,
To crush music, sense of being,
To call the death of an innocent justified,
To see a child with no Father,
To explain, and to see the distrust
To see the paranoia flooding through her eyes,
Claiming the following of the path,
Just to break this path as she walks along,
Simply to justify paranoia that past ghosts bring forth,
And narrow upbringing,
She’s lost control,
A shadow follows now.

Ian V. Seymour ©2011

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