Immortality, Forever Doomed

As has been on this day
Don’t fall to the darkness within
I will break free from it all… someday
Truth be told – Death will be swift
Yet a search may itself be the salvation we seek
And every heart, prepare him room

Are the gods who made us sane?
Dwelling on his own enlightned thoughts…
In death…
As in life…
The stars accumalate and rejoice
Yet your hearts may save you one day
Agony and more agony

And even immortal things are forever doomed
Deeper mysteries riddle the thoughts
I can but speculate:
Take us all to this damnation, God, Unknown Deity, take us all now
You’ll know if you know where to seek
All things shall fall today

Demons alone shall survive
Into a future without a dignified past…
There are no keys for doors like these
You cannot understand a word can you?
Neither can I

And the decadent Gods scream for help
Darkness comes after, and without warning
Into a light we cannot comprehend
Travelling alone where no soul has ventured
You are destined for it
Are they still watching us?

Ian V. Seymour ©2011

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