Great Old Ones

Cold skies rain black upon the dead, a dripping city
Black spires loom with ominous existence above barren earth
Fouled with the blood of the wretched sacrifices
Who once dwelt in this accursed place
Still yet dwell in lifeless distress
Within the shadows, dead but alive
Roaming through shadowed chill of decrepit stone halls
Ornate with carving of foul non-salubrious form
Depicted in abhorrent voodoo rites
Scream of horrors which should never be
Morbid and grotesque in their very existence

Shambling forms lurch forth from writhing shadows
Gathered before cephalopod horror, R’yleh resonates
Chanting in tongues unknown to normality
Arms spread wide; beneath a Ancient sky
Evoking the essence of their unholy god
Who dwells within the deeps, a great old one
Visions come to me of what has always been
My place with the wretched in eternal shadows
Fated to forever dwell among the hopeless damned
In that accursed city

Gazing down into the boundless abyss
from the edge of the world
staring into the Hadean, accursed blackness
that crawls between the stars
the igneous solidified gates of the underdark open
Monstrous forms, Old Ones of untold horrors
lumber forth from the lightless depths
emerging from chasms choked with the bones of untold dead and countless unhallowed æons
the unholy abominations arise, even death shall die
to devour all light at the edge of the abyss
I stand staring into that black carrion laden hole
as the world dies abound where no light hath shone
R’yleh stirs
heralding the end

Fallen into shadow of strange æons
beyond time and death
into the realm of darkness and decay
unending gloom and malefic shades
transcendental fall toward into the bleak omnisciency
Darkness, where flames of sorrow burn, unending
the revered realm of “its” euphoric grief, arises
return to the origin, the darkness
It’s purest form plummets into shadows
The vast unknown oblivion of blissful insanity
foul from my eyes gleams an ancient hate, knowledge
as I return to reign his clandestine throne
eternally draped into shadows…

(Inspired by the writings of Howard Phillips Lovecraft)

Vegard Magnus Vindheim ©2012

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