You Suffer? (Humans will only Hate)

Half chance
Skull-capped Spiders crawl across me
My abstract constant
Mind, a defecate of asphyxia
A love profound, feast of majestic self indulgence
I see twilight, vast pool of bliss
We twitch, convulse

And so the black bombs fell
Resonant in purity
Sure in its vision of abstract filth
Feel as the single falling droplet
Asking to the gale of comforting winter

Picking at the bones like emaciated desert born negro-children
Bones, discarded by overfilled consumer born white worms of humanity, those whom the Gods detest

Perched with waiting vultures of Hasidic Judaean bastards
A parasitical gypsy
Mixed, we have been taken away of our ancient purity
Cheapened, disdained by David’s starred “chosen child”
Torn, ripped by three millennia of lies,
Holocaustal in their own outlook
The eternal “victims”
My death, our death, be dead with us.

Ian V. Seymour ©2012

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