Internal Scars (Of My Own Making)

Take the scars so bold
Deep in confusion, tear
Return the gift I have through ungratefulness
Through dark city streets tread worn

For you take away, assured in mind
Feeling of the cold Monday air
The breath, beating in tandem to the heart
Of what is felt
Of what is needed
Kill this need

The ischemic, the block, the known fear, numbness
It gathers in the head again
A brief, a flash, nothing
Through cold, and still pulsing vein

The feeling you have, I embrace
The feelings I am disgraced, discard…
The silence, The arrogance,The excuse
Looking to sympathy from the unsympathetic
The incapacity of retribution
Your indecision, is my indecision
Becomes us, them…

Through misunderstood in porcelain flesh and black
Through frustrating patterns
Please wear the well-worn shoe
Why do you think this Anger is just?

Claim a piety, sanctimony, to judge
A fire-willed, escape, a red taloned executioner suspending Damocles to all disagree asunder

Culled with catching hooks
Invite a disease into the cracks
The odds are stacked

Understanding one-way road
To understand the unnamed feeling through your closeted mind
Along a road you never willed to travel.

Ian V. Seymour ©2012

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