Her Heart, My Heart

My heart awakens
You are my world
I need your love
My body will feel no touch without you
Listen to me whisper in your ear
Each beat,
Just you,
In the world we call reality

Like a fine full bodied, heady wine,
Your face shimmers for me
You are the reason
Your head tilts to the side
You are my guard
Your candle lights my room,

Saying my thoughts
Speaking my language not of your tongue
I sit and think about you, my love
I pinned your hands, not once but more,
I look into your beautiful eyes
All through the night wishing sleeping in your arms

The uncertainty in your eyes shines so deep
There I will worship at your sweet temple for all eternity
But you laugh and put your hands on my shoulders
Every day
I close my eyes and your image plays in my mind, a treasured memory
My mind is enlightened

I’ve given myself to you completely
Cherish being so much
Through dark corridors
A love so deep and never unkind
I am inside the circle of love there
Do you feel of any of these things?
So place your hand in mine for in trust we can believe
Whilst songbirds sing in evensong

I never spared any expense.
You know this feels so
My face is lifted, my mind knows to free
Take a chance
Not to be she who was
To release the desire within us
Loving you
Stay close

Encompassed with silence under stars, sun and rains.

Ian V. Seymour ©2012

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2 Responses to Her Heart, My Heart

  1. cestlavie22 says:

    This is really beautiful! Shows how fragile yet intimate love is.

  2. ianvseymour says:

    Thank you so much.

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